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Updated: Sep 17, 2018

I'm Kayla,

I'm the proud owner of Ms. MastHERmind. I’m passionate about this brand because it combines my drive as an entrepreneur and passion for helping and inspiring others. I have my Masters in Adult Education and Community Leadership Development, and through my studies, I’ve mastered how to create curriculum, facilitate learning, and development community programs for Adults.

Since my youth, I’ve been involved in various organizations that built the foundation of my leadership skills, which has molded me into the person that I am. My most notable role being elected the President of the African American Society at Charleston Southern University. I held that position for 2 years. Near the end of 2017, I found myself feeling broken and living without a purpose. Though I reached many major goals, I found myself in a place where lost loved ones and was on the verge of losing myself by continually putting others before me.

After taking a step back to regroup, I had the opportunity to do a lot of self-reflecting. I made up in my mind, that I wanted to invest in my dream to own my first business and become an entrepreneur. I realized that love for people and my desire to help them grow can be acheived without me losing myself in the mix. I can combine that passion with my dream to create something bigger than myself. I remember asking a few friends to describe me in three words or less. One responded, “She mastermind,” and my reply was, “MastHERmind.”

I realized that this title does not belong to me only, but to many women from all walks of life and mastHERing it, and spreading positivity doing so. The brand name eventually evolved into Ms. MastHERmind, and that’s how Ms. MastHERmind was born.

My vision for Ms.MastHERmind is to be a brand that uplifts and inspires others by creating a social community, where we can have an open dialogue about our success, and failures in hopes to inspire and learn from one another. Together we will win. We believe in collaboration over competition. There’s room at the top for everyone. I pray that Ms.MastHERmind attracts females from across the globe and inspire us to work together to make this brand and our own individual brands something special.

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